July 28, 2015

The function of essential oil necklace

Essential oil necklace is not only a piece of delicate jewelry but also you can allocate different essential oil to get your own personalized aroma according to your preference. With the distributing of essential’s unique fragrance hourly and enjoying the spiritual”aromatherapy”at the same time.


Brief Introduction Of Essential Oil

Essential oils just as its name implies that it is the essence of plant. Essential oils are the volatile,aromatic substances which are obtained from plants. They are widely distributed in nature, for they can be found in many different parts of the plant, such as flower,leaf,root,bark,seed and so on. It has been reported that essential oils are composed of hundreds of constituents, such as terpenoids, phenols, esters, fatty acids and so on.

Unlike the chemosythetic oil, plant-derived essential oil without any disadvantages to health. Generally speaking, most of the essential oils have an anti-bacteria activity. But to be specific, each kind of essential oil has its own function. For example, rose essential oil can improve our skin condition, so it is widely used in cosmetic. Lavender oil has a notable effect on relieving headache and can ensure us to sleep well. Garlic oil even has an anti-cancer activity.

People also mix different plant-derived essential oil to get the function which they want. For example, Mix rose essential oil and lavender oil can promote the skin metabolism. Mixing the rosemary oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil can release pressure and anti the emotion of anxiety. As the all advantages some hospitals initiate aromatherapy and this way is accepted by most people who care about the health.

History of Essential Oil

Ancient civilized countries, Egypt, India, China and Greece, which historical records recorded people how to refine the plant essence oil and made them into drugs for the treatment of skin disease, arthritis, external trauma, or a dress self cosmetic of products. Therefore, using the plant essence for treatment or beauty has a long history.

In modern time, French chemist Ren’e-Maurice Gattefoss’e someday conducted an experiment in the family business of perfume lab, accidentally he burning his hands. As Gattefoss’e knew Lavender (Lavender) essential oil of the physician was used for the treatment of burn and scald at the time, so he immersed his hands into lavender essential oil immediately and then not only pain in the hands missed in a short time and the speed of wounds healed gave him a big surprise. So Gattefoss’e devoted himself to the research of aromatic plant oils and its efficacy of medical.

In 1937 scientist defined the new word “aromatherapy” that highlight the aromatic plant oils usage in medical. The study of the aromatic and aromatic essential oils is a new topic in the history of modern science.

Thanks to the accident of the French scientists, which making the aromatherapy popular in French, and then the glass bottle necklace with the function of fragrance and beauty decoration prevailed in France and Europe. With the awareness of health in public,more and more consumers who advocate “natural life” chose aromatherapy to nursed back to health.

The consumers in Europe and the United States realized that aromatherapy and aromatic essential oils is hard to remain toxic chemicals, so it is not easy to harm the human health. However essential oils are not drugs, expert advices are below, we should pay attention to medical efficacy which related research indeed indicate the worthy of aromatherapy and aromatic oils. In order to avoid delaying people’s illness in the condition of without the knowledge of that, people in the poor physical condition also prior to consult medical professionals.

As for the daily use of aromatic essential oils, consumers are best take reference and recommendations of the beauty consultants, and then according to individual preferences, buying a well-known brand products, to be able to enjoy the benefits of aromatic therapy.

Small Tips For Essential Oils

    •Essential oil Necklace has a good collocability, it can contain perfume, gravel, baby fetal hair or a token of love and so on.
    •Usage: essential oils aromatherapy upside down the cork soaked, this is easy to smell and the stopper is not easy to lose.
    •Remember oil do not put too full(for the replacement of essential oil flavor varieties, proposed to replace the cork,pendants with water flushing).




Effect Of Essential Oil

  1. Hanging aromatherapy essential oils of glaze necklace in front of the chest can adjust emotion, Balance secretion, joyful body and mind,enhance resistance,promote sleep quality, improve the texture of skin.As we know body will get a sweat inevitably in summer,hanging essential oil bottles necklace not only get the effect that cover up sweat smell of body also emit a faint scent.
  2. Essential oils for endocrine, metabolism, urinary system, venereal disease, immune system, gynecological diseases, muscle, skeletal diseases, skin diseases, physical symptoms and diseases, nervous system and mental disease, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, respiratory diseases, digestive system diseases, digestive system diseases have a very good effect.
  3. Essential oil can prevent infectious diseases, against bacteria, viruses, fungi, can prevent inflammation, anti spasm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration function, make life more beautiful. And some essential oils can regulate endocrine organs, promote the secretion of hormones, so that the body’s physiological and psychological activities, to get a good development.

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