October 30, 2015

How to source perfumed jewelry in China?

China will soon surpass the United States and be the largest economy in the world in the 21st century. Although the cost of manufacturing in China has risen in recent years, the country is still often the cheapest location for importers and manufacturers to source goods or parts.

Perfume necklace, which is not big field as part of beauty, but really good to start for distributors and wholesalers, because of it is blue ocean market, and it is big demands too. Then how to source perfume necklace in China?

1. Internet Search


The easiest way to start a search for suppliers of perfume jewelry in China is on the Internet via search engines such as Bing or Google, and B2B sourcing platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made-in-China.com. Which supplier is more reliable? “gold member,” “verified supplier,” “onsite supplier,” or “accredited supplier.” Some B2B sourcing platforms have listed supplier blacklists to ban members to low down your risks.

You should know that verified suppliers at these sites may only mean that the companies are verified to be there; it does not mean that their reputation, production capability, or quality have been verified. And many traders are there because of low member charges, so you won’t get best price from the trade company. For example, the trader buy perfume necklace from the small factory, then add their benefits to sell to you, they only provide the process of buying, not any other, I don’t think it is a good way to buy perfume necklace like this. So it is important if you can find a way to know who is trade company, and who is really manufacturer.

2. SNS


Social media is not necessarily an ideal platform to identify suppliers. Only some suppliers have a social media presence, but they can be a good source for feedback or reviews of potential suppliers. Most China supplier do not have facebook, googole+, twitter, because of the goverment network management. So if they have these SNS tools, it at least shows they something about internet marketing. I mean it is a point to show a regular supplier.

3. Trade Shows


Trade shows are traditional way to find suppliers for perfumed jewelry. You have the opportunity to talk to potential suppliers face to face about their companies, products, production capacity, quality-control procedures. Two trade shows in China are important. The Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China and is held twice a year in Guangzhou. The Canton Fair attracts thousands of pepole with many kinds of products. The East China Fair is the largest regional trade fair in China, and is held once a year in Shanghai. There are other regional trade fairs in China that are usually industry-specific. Search China Sourcing Fairs for specific industries.

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