November 14, 2015

8 kinds of essential oil fragrance effects

  1. Lavender essential oil, effectively relieve skin allergies, the phenomenon such as sunburn, and can help to heal the scars, relax spirit, brings a sense of quiet, suitable for all kinds of skin.lavender-essential-oils

2.  Rose essential oil, moisturizing effect, also can calm and soothe nerves, has the laudatory name as queen of flowering plant essential oil,suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

3. Sandalwood essential oil, to protect wet moist skin, relax, suitable for neutral and dry skin.

Sandalwood-Essential-Oil4. Camomile essential oil, has the effects of repair and maintenance, also has a great effect to settle the skin, can bring calm and relaxing, suitable for neutral and dry skin.

camomile_oil5. Bergamot essential oil,  helps to boost the spirit, recovery of body energy, suitable for flaws and oily skin.

6. Rosemary essential oil, strong convergence, regulate the skin of oily impurity, promote the blood circulation, relieve congestion, edema, swelling of the skin.

7. Tea tree essential oil, has convergence, antibacterial effect, the fresh fragrance can boost the spirit, relieve fatigue and relieve muscle pressure, suitable for oily skin.

tea tree essential oil8. Mint essential oil, cools and calms skin, refreshing, also can effectively improve head dandruff and oil problems etc, suitable for oil skin, not suitable for sensitive skin.

Mint oil


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