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Office Addr: F5/6,building 1, Golden Garden, NO.2 South Jiefang Road, Yancheng , Jiangsu, China.

Factory Addr: Industrial park Wei 3 road, Shanggang Town, Jianhu county , Yancheng , Jiangsu, China



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What it’s like to work with us

1. Strong Product Design Ability

We have more than 5000 kinds of glass products for your choice. 15 designers are working for our new products to keep pace with the times. So don’t worry your business we will suggest you some new designed products periodically. You just need to consider how to increase your business.

Professional Team

2. Professional Team Service for You

Our team engaged in the industry of glass products for more than 10 years. We solve your problems before buying and after sales. We are going on with you for every step, from inquiry to order. Our qualified staff will question, learn and share each point during our communication. Best service is what we are doing and keep doing.

3. Safe Package, Timely Delivery

For glass products, the quality is even more important because it is fragile. Clients often worry about the package, if they will get the cargo. When broken products got, you must feel bad.  But in Jiatian, you don’t need to consider this point. We focus on safe package and test each one before delivery. We won’t put it to the container unless it is safe enough. About the delivery time, we think time is first thing before arranging the order manufacturing. Only we deliver the cargo on time, our customers could trust us for long. That’s what we do now and why our clients satisfy with us.