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We offer a selection of beautiful lampwork glass perfume bottles, created by master-handmade way. In the process of 20 years professional lampwork glass blowning, the essential oil bottles are used in multiply products like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and hangers of car, cell phone and bags.

All our glass figurines are handblown arts and crafts, which are  made in technique of lampworking. Each glass figurine is unique style and special collection item. The figurines include cock, fish, bird, frog, dolphin, insect, cow and other sea creatures.

glass fuiguerines
wine corks
Why wine corks need glass part?
1. lampwork glass looks nice, different from zinc alloy ones
2. wine corks could be customized by your own design, brand and your requests
3. all lampwork glass is made by excellent masters

We have tons of stock for mixed glass beads including the lampwork beads, pressed beads, cane beads, sea beach beads and glass pearl beads. And we are making more and more mixed beads for customer choice with good quality and reasonable price.

glass beads
add a bead gifts

We are focus on manufacturing and designing add-a-bead gifts, the a-bead is usually lampworked by our experienced masters because this part is very important to attractive the clients. Our add-a-bead products cover a wide range of wine stoppers, bead pens, stainless steel utensils, beadable bag holders and bead magnifiers. 

Jiatian can provide series of glass rods, which have thousands of industrial and hobby uses.